"Smartening" Up Your Home Security: One More Thing Your Smartphone Can Do

8 December 2017
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Sometimes you just have to do more to protect your home and have peace of mind. Video surveillance is great, but what if you could view your home on your smartphone? There are home security systems that allow you to view every room in your house, plus your home's exterior and property, via your smartphone. Here is how you can smarten up your home security system and how it works:

Buy the System That Is Compatible with Your Current Smartphone

Buy the home security and video surveillance system that is most compatible with your current smartphone. If you plan to switch smartphone brands in the next few weeks, months, or a year, you may have to wait until after you buy the new smartphone. Otherwise, the system may not be compatible with the new smartphone and then you are stuck.

Decide on How Many Cameras and "Channels" You Want

Each camera in this type of system projects images of the area in which it is placed. Each placed camera counts as a "channel" since you will be able to view the room or area on the phone as an individual video feed. Ergo, decide how many cameras you want ahead of time to determine how many "channels" you will need.

Install the Cameras to Get Maximum Viewing

If you are going to install cameras in your kids' rooms and common areas of the house, be sure to install them in corners where the cameras can get clear views straight to the doors or full views of the rooms. You want to see as much of the rooms as possible when you open the app on your smartphone to see what is going on. In the app, you can also set a camera to record live, with some security systems. The cameras work via WiFi, which is how these systems can offer regular viewing of your rooms and property.

Sync Cameras with Your Smartphone and the App

In the instructions for the video cameras, there should be instructions on how to install the corresponding app on your smartphone. Follow those directions, and then sync your phone with each of the cameras.  In many cases, you will have to sync each camera separately because each camera acts as its own live feed of the room or area in which it was installed. Now you can begin to monitor your home with your smartphone, even when you are hundreds of miles away!

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