“Smartening” Up Your Home Security: One More Thing Your Smartphone Can Do

8 December 2017
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Sometimes you just have to do more to protect your home and have peace of mind. Video surveillance is great, but what if you could view your home on your smartphone? There are home security systems that allow you to view every room in your house, plus your home's exterior and property, via your smartphone. Here is how you can smarten up your home security system and how it works: Read More 

Why Home Business Owners Need To Install A Security System

17 September 2017
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Home businesses are a great way for certain people to make a lot of money and achieve a type of personal freedom they might not have when working in an office. However, a theft can cripple the success potential of this business almost overnight. As a result, it is important to minimize this risk by installing a home security system. Theft From A Small Business Can Be Devastating When a small home company suffers from a serious theft, it can be devastating for the person who owns the business. Read More